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For a long time and especially more recently, playing mobile casino games has become a much larger trend among online casino players. Already, in 2015 for example, mobile casino gaming had accounted for over a 20% share in the global online casino market.

In the past, it had been widely speculated that mobile casino games would be the next big technological leap in evolutionary terms for the online casino industry. At that time however it’s worth noting that there was only a fledgling mobile casino game community and that even among the small collection of available games there were inconsistencies. These had developed mainly because of a lack of powerful enough technology at the time and the differences between systems that software developers were using for delivering their content on mobile devices of the day.

Many predicted that upon the arrival of the latest and most technologically advanced smartphones and tablet devices, coupled with the introduction of newer and faster mobile communication and data networks, we would see a massive surge in mobile gaming as a direct result. Fast forward to present day and we can see that their predictions have now become a reality.

Developments in Mobile Software

Initially, casino software developers had been coding all their interfaces and games using Java and Flash technology as their main content delivery systems. For a long time this was the standard for mobile casino gaming, and even when we saw the first wave of smartphones you could still only play mobile casino games on smartphones that ran either Java games or had Flash based browsers.

This made playing mobile casino games on iOS devices by Apple almost non-existent, with the reason being that iOS did not support Flash in its proprietary mobile internet browser Safari. The result at the time was that in order to play at a mobile casino you either had to use an Android smart device or a Java download game to play. Most of the time we have the craft and wisdom of Swedish developers leading this movement which you can learn more on over at

Now all if not at least 99.9% of new mobile casino games come coded in HTML 5. This has allowed mobile casino operators to really benefit from every type of smart platform available because games that are coded in HTML5 5 are compatible with all devices as they suffer no loss of in-game quality when played on desktop, smartphone or tablet devices.

The technological revolution didn't discriminate any country, which is a huge plus, even casino fans in South Africa can observe and take part in the entertainment and sites like help the South African player learn more about the ZA casino market.

Android Mobile Casinos

Android is a popular mobile and tablet operating system that can be found on many devices the world over. It’s probably fair to say that there are more android users worldwide than users of iOS based devices. This has a lot to do with the price points of these devices in comparison to apple devices, as Android can run on a number of devices while iOS will only run on iPhones, IPads and to some extent the Apple Watch in conjunction with its WatchOS.

It’s also fair to say that mobile casino gaming had more of a head start on Android devices than it did on Apple ones. This is because Android devices have had access to the Flash plug-in on their mobile internet browsers since their release while Apple decided not to use Flash in its mobile browser Safari. This meant Android users could access all the Flash based content their hearts desired, which of course included all the online casino games found at online casinos that provided Flash based games. There are also dedicated gambling apps that you can download straight from the Google Play store, which is the name of the app store found on Android devices. From here you can access a multitude of online casino games and play them directly from a downloadable app even for players in Canada.

iOS Mobile Casinos

iOS and the iPhone took the world by storm since its initial release. This particular smartphone can be considered as the pinnacle of mobile phone evolution and innovation. Apples tablet device, the iPad, has garnered as much success as its mobile phone counterpart, probably for the most part because the operating system used by both types of devices is exactly the same. This means you can enjoy all your favourite apps and games across both devices just by having one cloud based account.

Let’s be honest here, iOS based mobile casinos took their sweet time to arrive. This is due in no small part to Apple’s reluctance to allow a Flash based plugin to be integrated on any of their devices. When the earliest mobile casino experiences could have been also enjoyed on iOS, there was no chance because to access games from the browser meant having to install Flash and this simply was not possible. These days, with games almost all being coded exclusively in HTML 5, the true power of iOS devices can be unleashed and you can play mobile casino games on some of the most technologically advanced devices on the planet. No more so is this progress and development more noticeable than in the work of netent, which is no accessible to Canadian players to experience in the added link.

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