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There is just something rather satisfying about spinning your slots on a smartphone or tablets touch-screen. Slots are already extremely fun, but with that added charm and thrill that the next spin could also make you filthy rich. Slots are an online gaming mainstay for recreational gambling and absolutely everybody plays them online nowadays. Who out of our loyal readers hasn’t yet succumbed to their charms and had a few cheeky spins on a mobile slot?

It’s safe to say that there are far more varieties and hybrids of slot machines online than there ever were in most land-based casinos. The scope and range of new gaming technology these days means most mobile slots are programmed in HTML 5 and therefore suffer no loss in quality from their desktop counterparts. The soundtracks and graphics are all of a very high quality and the gameplay is just as exciting. That’s exactly what we want to look into today, along with some cool suggestions on slot meccas for you to play at. The Norwegian's love the games and over at you can experience this fully.

So Many Amazing Choices!

It might be useful to think of the variety that is found in mobile slots as falling into one of two basic breeds. There are classic slots, which sort of resemble the land-casino versions. Sometimes they are called fruit machines or pokies. These may be 3 or 5 reel varieties, and may even have local jackpot or progressive jackpots attached to them. You can find more information on

The next group are the cutting-edge video and 3D-animated slots that are usually 5 reels with lots of exciting bonus rounds and crazy special features. Some of these, like the exciting Thunderstruck by Microgaming, have become modern classics themselves, with a high-tech orientation and flair for innovation in every aspect of the game, from themes and graphics to the layout and way a slot machine’s reels operate.

Then there are all sorts of slots in-between those extremes. Even within mobile only slot ranges, we have titles like Alien Fruits by mobile casino software developers Fortune that have a very compact, efficient use of the available screen space that was designed for older phone handsets as well as the modern variety of smartphones.

Video Slots and the Rise of Mobile Gaming

But, truth be told, the smart phones and tablets we’re using today are big enough to handle slots that we used to play on laptops or desktop computers. Their large screens can show even the most complicated of online slots these days. The line between online and mobile slots really is disappearing and has done more so since the introduction of HTML 5.

An example of the most advanced, most polished, most cinematic mobile slots available are the ones produced by NetEnt, a Swedish casino game developer that is busy snatching awards away from the previous industry and market leaders, Microgaming and Playtech.

NetEnt slots like Gonzo’s Quest are already cult favourites online. This company is versatile, since it has also been responsible for the official South Park slot machine, which is flat-looking (like the cartoon) but just as edgy. Other notable mobile casino gaming suites include Betsoft’s ‘ToGo’ series of mobile casino games which feature some simply stunning mobile slot games.

Slots and Blackjack will remain the most popular ways to gamble from a mobile device. We advise you to keep your expectations high, and do not get stuck on a particular title for too long. In particular, try the 3D animated titles — be a little bit more daring than normal! —they will fulfil your desire to be entertained as well as to spin the reels and win big fat amounts of precious life changing loot!

You can experience the buzz of casino gaming at, a great place to go from here once you've had a taste of the game below.

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