Play the Best Scratch Cards in South Africa

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Introducing you to scratch cards for players based in South Africa. Here you can learn all there is to know about the online casino game that is supplied by the best casinos in the industry. We reveal all there is from rules to the casino bonuses you can claim to win free money.

Introducing you to the world of online scratch cards

The scratch card game is more well thought of as a game which can be purchased on the high street. This is normally tied into the national lottery games, but as you will learn, these are not good investments when compared to the benefits of playing scratch games online from the top South African casinos.

Quality scratch cards online

Our guide is essentially there to tell you all about the game, but we can direct you to the perfect online casino South Africa platform to play them in. If you are new to the game of scratch cards then rest assured, you have opted to play the easiest of casino games online. The process of play is very simple and helped more so by the option of Auto Play!

What you get with a ‘general’ scratch card is a virtual machine which has a panel hiding the prize symbols. Your task is to match three symbols or amounts that convert to the prize.

Now we say ‘general’ because there are some scratch card tickets which hold more than one game and some with bonus extras attached.

Advantages of using the scratch card games

The game has a number of benefits and one is the ability to access them via bonuses offered by the top SA casinos online. You can get free scratch cards from these offers and keep all the winnings you make. The cost of the game is low. You’ll find the average minimum wager is a rand, the lower your stake the lower the prize. If you wish to win a larger sum, you have to increase your wager to land the bigger prize. The perks of this are that you can play for prizes up to a million rand!

If you head to, you can test free scratch card games to get a feel of how the best titles are played.

South African scratch games

Playing scratch card games can be fast and fun, it is certainly the quickest game online and comes with a wide range of diverse styles and themes. You will find some scratch games linked to major tv shows such as Deal or No Deal™ and Who Wants to be a Millionaire™. These games carry the big money jackpots and are a firm favourite for SA players already online inside the casinos found in our top 10 list.

Forget the South African national lottery, playing online is more rewarding

We mentioned that the national lottery games are flawed. The benefits of using online casino scratch cards is that the jackpot is always available. If you purchase a card on the high street, there is no knowing if the jackpot has already been won or not. For all you know, every single major prize could be taken and that card will continue to sell till they are all sold out. With casino online, there is always a constant jackpot to be won, no matter how big or small, you’ve always a chance to win.

This is another benefit of free online casino scratch cards, you can get to know which cards are more successful than others. You can then head to the casino, find them and play them there.

Ready to play scratch cards online?

Fun, Fast and player-friendly, the scratch card game is a firm favorite of lottery players and the best selection of scratch cards in South Africa can be accessed through our site links. They are compatible with any device and if you love gaming on the go, you can play through any Android, Windows and iOS mobile.