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Mobile casinos android mobile casinos Mobile casinos android mobile casinos

Since the launch of mobile online casinos in the last five years, they have gone from strength to strength. Smartphone technology and wireless internet speeds have now reached the point where they can support mobile gaming, which has opened up a whole new level of convenience for online casino players. Instead of sitting uncomfortable at a desk or with a laptop, players can now place bets from their hands, whether they are in bed, on the sofa or just about anywhere else you can imagine.

When the mobile casinos first started to be launched, a lot of the focus was towards developing an iPhone compatible platform first. The reason for this was that at the time, iPhones were the dominant handset within the smartphone market. However, as the years have gone on, Android has caught up and overtook iPhones in mass popularity, mainly due to their extremely low price points, and this has resulted in a shift in the focus of certain mobile casino software developers. For advice on mobile services in South Africa head to

Some of the top platforms on offer are mobile-only online casinos which have proved to be really successful since their launch. Although these brands are relatively new to the market, they have done well in gaining the trust of the online gambling market. When you consider their competition they have done very well to remain competitive in this competition market. Free gaming is a by product of the challenge to out do one another and giving people the choice to play free games just sweetens the deal between developer, casino and player, which you can learn more about here,

Android Games and Google Play

There has been a split between the casinos which offer downloadable apps from Google Play, those which provide purely flash-based casinos and those that offer games coded in HTML 5. All of these have their advantages and because of this, some of the bigger casinos offer both flash-based, HTML 5 and downloadable apps.

Offering flash-based casinos means that players can access the casino games without the need of downloading any software. Games that are coded in HTML 5 offer the same quality as browser based games because they are fully cross compatible across all OS and devices. However, there is no question that accessing a downloaded app will operate more smoothly than streaming from a mobile browser. For casino mobile service that offers free bonuses, head on over to

Mobile Only vs Established Casino

A lot of people were shocked to discover that the newer breed of mobile only casinos are just as popular as those provided by existing and trusted online casino brands. Even though these newer sites are completely new and unknown brands, they have been able to attract new players and keep them loyal during their relatively short lifespans. Games designed for mobiles that are released by existing casino brands however do see a lot of success still. This comes as no real shock to anyone because the size of growth in the online casino and mobile casino markets has been very public and frighteningly rapid.

These days, anyone involved in online casino operation will have released mobile versions of their gaming content. In the harsh reality of business, any failure to do so would mean being left behind as other brands overtake by using all the available technological advances to their own advantage. All of the Android mobile casinos offer generous bonuses for all new players. Many of the mobile-only casinos even offer players some free bonus cash before they even make a deposit! More details on this revelation are at These bonuses are offered so that players can try out the software and get to know the games on offer before committing to spending any money time on the site. Use these bonuses to try out these mobile sites, you never know, you might like them. Here's a site for you to indulge in, Enjoy. If however you are from Sweden and are interested to know more, then the site of will be of great help to your mobile experience.

Not really a fan of Android? Check out some mobile casino software available for non-android devices!