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Mobile casinos ios mobile casinos Mobile casinos ios mobile casinos

Ever since smartphone technology and wireless internet connectivity have permitted, there have been a lot of new mobile casinos being launched into the online gambling market. The online casino sector has been thriving for the past decade and the huge surge of new players that has emerged since the invention of mobile casinos opens up millions of new possibilities for operators and software developers alike.

The vast majority of mobile casinos that launched recently across the market were already existing online casinos which have simply launched a mobile-optimized site using very similar software. There have also been a number of new, mobile only online casinos, which have proved to be very successful so far.

Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system, iOS, has given developers some real power and freedom with which to include some interesting specific device features in their games. With the advent of the new ‘force touch’ technology present on the newer iPhone or iPad models, developers can integrate new actions into their games for iOS that they cannot do for an equivalent version on Android because of the spec of some devices that run the Android operating system.

iOS Games and Software

There has been somewhat of a split between how the casinos have provided their software to the mobile market. Some have opted to launch a specially designed app in the iOS App Store to run the software, whereas others have opted to provide their mobile offering as a flash-based casinos run straight from the iPhone mobile browser. Both of these methods have their advantages. Some prefer to offer flash-based software as it can be launched instantly, without any download required. For Swedish branding software you can look over at to assist you.

Others offer their games coded in HTML 5 which gives a true cross platform experience in terms of overall quality. However, the advantage of offering an application downloadable from the App Store is that it will undeniably run smoother and seamlessly compared to a flash-based casino for example. It will also allow for in-game purchases via the players unique Apple I.D system. Popular mobile gambling downloads from the iOS app store include Zynga Poker, The WSOP official app and many different types of mobile slot games developed specifically for Apple and iOS.

New Casino Brands vs The Old Guard

Some people may find it surprising that the new mobile-online casinos have been as popular as the mobile casinos provided by brands which have existed in the gambling sector already for many years. These sites, although completely unknown brands, have manage to attract and retain many mobile players in their brief existence. Mobile casinos launched by existing casino brands have also experienced a lot of similar success in this sector. There is no surprise to the success of these casinos when you consider the speed at which the industry is growing. Given this current growth in mobile gaming, nearly all online casinos have launched mobile platforms for their players to download. Some of the best currently on offer are provided by the biggest players in the online casino market.

When it comes to enticing bonus deals for new players, it seems as though the newer sites have a lot more to offer. This is little surprise considering they have a lot to prove in this exciting new industry. These offers allow players to get to know sites before committing to them, by trying out the software and games on offer. They are offered with the intention that new players will try the mobile sites out, enjoy their experience and continue to game on the same site.

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