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Playing games on your mobile phone has long been a favourite pastime of people since the original Snake game on the very first generation of Nokia phones. Over the years that followed after the 90’s, more and more games have been developed specifically for play on for mobile phones. They went from simple games built out of only a few pixels, to a full on revolution in gaming terms, allowing you to use advanced processing plus the full bandwidth of your smartphones internet connectivity to enjoy rich online multiplayer gaming experience with dynamic graphics and exciting gameplay.

Nowadays there are literally millions of games available for you to download and play via your mobile smart device, some found here It’s only recently however that mobile casino gaming made its way into the greater pantheon of popular mobile pastimes. It was of course the rise of many popular online casino games like craps online and online poker sites coupled with the upgraded smartphone and cellular data technology that paved the way for mobile casino gaming to become more than just a virtual reality in this modern age.

Popular Mobile Casino Games

In mobile casino gaming there are many games available to play in the same way you find large catalogues of game variants at an online casino. For the most part, an already existing online casino will make most, if not all, of its games available to play on a smartphone or tablet device by creating a mobile version of its website and supplying games that are coded to be run specifically on mobile devices via the mobile version of their website.

Casino software developers have introduced entire ranges of mobile ready games for online casino players. Those developers that were forward thinking enough at the time are profiting massively from their good business sense as mobile gaming now accounts for over 20% of the entire online casino games industry, according to a reliable source at NetEnt released their extremely popular ‘Touch’ series of mobile ready games. These games were designed to be played on mobile devices and make use of all their different touch screen capabilities. Betsoft came out with an equally popular platform for mobile gaming called the ‘ToGo’ series. This allowed them to release their Slots 3D Arcade series to a mobile audience, the type of player audience and platform that their Slots 3D Arcade variants were designed for, offering lightning fast dynamic slots with explosive gameplay.

Blackjack v Roulette

Two of the most popular online casino games that are played on mobile devices would have to be Blackjack and Roulette. Both games are popular because they are in essence single player type casino games that require no extra players to be present during your recreational gambling sessions. Players love these two games because they get the chance to face off against the greatest opponent of them all, the casino dealer.

In our Blackjack v Roulette article we take a look at how both games fare when ported over to a mobile setting. If you want to go further, you can have a look of We investigate whether they still retain the same level of quality and if they produce the same level of excitement when played on a smartphone or tablet device, as when they are played on your desktop PC or at a land based casino. We also look at the two games themselves and try to determine which, if any of them, is the best game to play on a mobile or tablet device. We offer pros and cons for each game when played in a mobile setting and then our overall conclusion of which is better suited to that type of platform. If you prefer baccarat, then this site is just for you,

Mobile Slots

As many experienced online casino players will already be aware of, online slots are probably the most popular form of game available to players at an online casino. Software developers spend millions in research and development each year producing the next best slot game to capture the attention of a very astute and critical player base. With that said, if one type of game was ever designed to be played on a mobile or tablet device it would most definitely have to be online slot machines.

Mobile slots work in the same way as your traditional online slots and there’s an extremely high chance that you will find all of your favourite online slots already ported over to mobile versions. A lot of developers these days will code all their online slot games in a format called HTML 5.

What this means is that by coding one version of the game in HTML 5, they can then distribute the same game version across multiple platforms and operating systems, and players will benefit by experiencing the same level of quality when playing the game on their smartphone as they would if they were playing it on a desktop PC or Mac. These games are feature rich and have excellent graphics and sound FX tied into them in the same way as they do on their more traditional desktop versions. Before HTML 5 there was no way of packing in the same levels of quality into mobile games without a dedicated download.

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